51st Highland Division

sharing my personal collection

Welcome to my personal
51st Highland website

This website is dedicated to the brave men of the 51st Highland Division who where involved with the liberation of my hometown on the 16th of November 1944. The interest in this division and the supporting units surrounding the 51st has started my collection.I have been collecting for over 25 years but narrowed my search in the last 10 years to the units that where involved in the liberation of the area where I live.

The focus of this website will be on the 51st Highland Division in the Netherlands in 1944.

The items that i will show can be used for reference but are copyright protected. Please, do NOT use or publicize them elsewhere without discussing this with me. I will place photos on the website that i have found while searching online. I don't have the source reference for them all. Should this not be correct or okay, please let me know.

For my personal collection I am always looking for :

Original mounted battle dresses
related to the units fighting in the
NW-Europe theater of operations in 1944 / 1945

Everything related to the
in both WW1 & WW2

Everything related to the
during WW2

8th Januari 2021 UPDATE

  • Added items to collection pages :  Battledress / Christmas / Medals
  • Changed entire formation sign page with front and back view
  • Added new section 'uniform related' that will be filled along the way.
  • Added new section 'Helmets' with my entire helmet collection !


As a collector I keep learning each day. Therefore, should there be mistakes or false information on my website, please contact me with the correct information (based on facts) so I can chance this for the future.
I don't not claim to be an expert or historian of any kind, just a enthusiastic collector and history nut.