51st Highland

Formation signs

I concider these formation signs as authentic WW2 (or just after) made. Almost all of these badges are found on period applied battle dresses.  Should you have more or other info based with facts I'm always looking for new input.

Formation sign, probably made in POW camp. This was included in a set belonging to an Argylls private who was captured at St. Valery.
[ note: As learning every day, i am told these also can be Pakistan fakes, this might thereby be added to the Argylls set later and no longer concidered WW2 made.]

Probably the most common of them all, the WW2 period embroidered formation sign.

Rounded up embroidered formation sign, early or pre war.

Also pretty common later war printed variant formation sign. These are WW2 period, similar to the post-war types that are more white on the reverse side.

Rare oil cloth formation sign, most likely private or locally made. Only a few seen over the years.

Another uncommon variant is this denim type of cloth with printed red paint. Still looking for information or source on this particular formation sign. Info welcome.

Another uncommon formation sign. A late or possibly even just post-war oil cloth formation sign.
Never seen a war time uniform with this formation sign original applied.

Rather common formation sign know as 'Brabant weave ', referenced to the fact that there are made in the Dutch province of Brabant, actually made in the town of Heeze by a local firm called : Van Engelen  & Evers
These are to be considered late war ( late 1944, early 1945 ) as the town of Heeze was liberated on the 20th of September 1944 as part of Operation Market Garden.

Late war formation sign known as BEVO and is made in Germany. Also considered as late war production

Very rare formation sign. This is an Italian made formation sign. One of only a few I came a cross over the years and the only in my collection as a matter of fact.