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Here with Jim McLeod. Jim served with the 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders and fought with the regiment in my area in 1944. During the fighting in the Reichswald Jim got wounded by schrapnel from a Nebelwerfer and was evacuated to the United Kingdom for recovery.

Together with Denis Hosgood in September 2019. Denis served with the 5th Cameron Highlanders and was one of the veterans to come over the Holland to celebrate 75th years of liberation. On 20 September 2019 we placed a plaque at the 'famous' Cameron bridge in Beringe ( Holland ) at the zig canal where the 5th Camerons had a heavy fight in November 1944.
Denis Hosgood passed away July 2020. Rest in Peace Denis, it was an honor to have met you and hear your stories. Thank you for your service.

My name is Niels Klompen, I was born in the Limburg region of the Netherlands where i still live. The collecting virus started when i was about the age of 10. I started collecting all kinds of stuff related to the seconds world war. When I grew older i started to collecting more specific. Through the years i have been collecting helmets, uniforms and all kinds of stuff. The last years i started focusing on the divisions that liberated us in the last months of 1944. Therefore my main intentions go into the 51st Highland Division and the 4th Armoured Brigade.

On 17th November 2019 we celebrated 75 years of liberation. 5 years before that I started to make plans to make a temporary exhibition about the units that took part in our liberation. Together with the collections of Jeroen, Harm and Eric and a huge team of volunteers we did not even make a exhibition, we made a temporary museum with over 60 mannequins and dozen's of cabins packed with stuff.  A huge success that was visited by over 7000 visitors over the period of less then 3 months ! Besides that, we received a large group of members of the Gordon Highlanders regiment in November to share and celebrate together. 

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Niels Klompen

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Our local 5/7th Gordons snare man and I

Visit of the Gordon Highlanders in front of our temporary museum.