51st Highland Christmas cards over the years

1939 Dated 51st Highland Christmas card.

1939 dated 9th Highland Division Christmas card before transferring in the the 51st.

Rare 1940 / 1941 dated Christmas card with a very unusual formation sign.

1942 dated Christmas / Greetings Card

1944 dated 51st Highland Division Christmas card printed at Smeets Drukkerij in Weert ( Holland )

1944 dated Christmas card / dinner from the 276th Field Company Royal Engineers.

1945 dated 51st Highland Division Christmas Card from the B.A.O.R.

1945 dated B.A.O.R Christmas Card from 154th brigades 7th Battalion the Black Watch Royal Highlanders.

1945 dated 51st Highland Division's
61st Highland Anti Tank regiment Royal Artillery

1926 dated Christmas card with an invite for a annual meeting in November 1927.

1918 dated 51st Division Christmas Card