Order of Battle 

Units attached to the 51st Highland division in 1944 / 1945

152nd Infantry Brigade

2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlander

5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders

5th Battalion Cameron Highlanders

153rd Infantry Brigade

5th Battalion The Black Watch Royal Highlanders

5/7th Battalion the Gordon Highlanders

1st Battalion the Gordon Highlanders

154th Infantry Brigade

1st Battalion the Black Watch Royal Highlanders

7th Battalion the Black Watch Royal Highlanders

7th Battalion Argylls and Sutherland Highlanders

Support units

1/7th Battalion Middlesex Regiment
Machinegun Battalion Support

51st (Highland) Divisional Signals Regiment
Royal Corps of Signals

2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry
Royal Armoured Corps - Reconnaissance regiment

Postal Unit Royal Engineers

Corps of Military Police

Military Provost Staff Corps

Army Physical Training Corps -  Battle School

Intelligence Corps
13 Field Security Section

HQ - Divisional Royal Engineers

  • 239th Field Park Company Royal Engineers
  • 274th Field Company Royal Engineers
  • 275th Field Company Royal Engineers
  • 276th Field Company Royal Engineers
  • 16th Bridging Platoon

HQ Divisional Royal Artillery

  • 126th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 127th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 128th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 61st Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 40th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery

HQ Divisional Royal Army Service Corps

  • 152nd Infantry Brigade Company R.A.S.C.
  • 153rd Infantry Brigade Company R.A.S.C.
  • 154th Infantry Brigade Company R.A.S.C.
  • 51st Division Troops R.A.S.C.

HQ Divisional Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

  • 152nd Infantry Brigade Workshops R.EM.E.
  • 153rd Infantry Brigade Workshops R.EM.E.
  • 154th Infantry Brigade Workshops R.EM.E.
  • 40th Light Anti Aircraft Workshops R.E.M.E

 Royal Army Medical Corps

  • 174th Field Ambulance
  • 175th Field Ambulance
  • 176th Field Ambulance
  • Field Hygiene Section
  • 5th Field Dressing Station
  • 6th Field Dressing Station

HQ Divisional Royal Army Ordonnance Corps

  • Ordonnance Field Park
  • Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit

Army Dental Corps

Royal Army Veterinarian Corps

Royal Army Chaplains Department

Army Educational Corps

Pioneer Corps

Army Cathering Corps

General Service