From the entire branch of the military

Flash / Signs and Decals

Early MK2 helmet with a Royal Army Chaplains Department flash, belonging to Rev. G.J. Jenninks

Helmet with red circular band belonging to the Corps of Military police

MK2 helmet with flash of the Gordon Highlanders of the 51st Highland Division. Helmet holds an early grey green color with a later (war time) applied rough texture camo paint around the decal.

MK2 helmet with decal from the Gordon Highlanders. This helmet was left behind in Meijel, Holland and belonged to the 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders attached to the 15th Scottish Division.

Not sure on this one, but it seems to have some remains of the Seaforth Highlanders badge on front but has partly covered and worn off. Also, very rare BLUE banded liner. This differs from the black and sometimes red bands, this one is light blue and 1941 dated. Most uncommon !

Salty helmet with a painted red hackle of the Black Watch Royal Highlanders, left behind in Baarlo, the Netherlands. Helmet belonging to the 51st Highland Division, probably 7th BW.

Early MK2 helmet with Royal Artillery flash and a 2 tone camouflage paint. Very unusual helmet!

Very nice MK2 with Royal Artillery flash, with a rough texture paint and an odd looking screw / bolt.
The inside has a name tag : Loader Bombardier Lovett.

Early MK2 with a red banded liner, and a Royal Artillery Flash on the left side instead of the right but over painted by a period done green paint.

Early camouflaged MK2 helmet with a Reconnaissance flash. Detail is that this helmet holds some minor blood stains on the front of the helmet. 

Helmet with a clear Royal Corps of Signals helmet flash.

Rather salty MK2 helmet with a Royal Army Ordonnance Corps flash. Note the fact that this helmet has 3 holes as in not fit for combat duty. Nevertheless this helmet was found in Italy recently. ( not saying the RAOC are fighting forces, but are inflicted in battle areas.

Very nice helmet with an overpainted flash of the Royal Army Service Corps.

Very early MK1* helmet with Royal Army Medical Corps flash and sort of white wash rough finish. Chinstrap is named.

Later MK2 helmet with Royal Pioneer flash and named to Private S.E. Rowkins

Mid war MK2 with strange cut insignia in the helmet and a Manchester Regiment flash underneath the grey concrete like rough texture paint. The chinstrap carry's a number that is filed under the Manchester regiment as well. This helmet was left behind in Sittard ( Holland ) and kept in untouched condition and only turned up a few years ago. The region where this helmet was found brings it to the 7th Manchester Regiment under the 52nd Lowland Division.

MkII helmet with white rough texture 'white wash'. Helmet has the Formation sign of the Welsh Division. As far as told, this helmet was found in Norway early 2000's. Most likely left behind on a raid or training exercise.

So called 'Double Flash' helmet of the 1/5th Welch Regiment with the 53rd Welsh Division.

So called 'double flash' helmet belonging to the 53rd Divisional Signals of the 53rd Welsh Division.

Pretty Salty helmet in a white paint and with a red cross added. Probably a medic or a doctors helmet. This is a combat helmet, not a home guard helmet of some sort in my book.

Another very salty helmet in a white painted camouflage paint. The helmet holds some unusual markings. Apart from the Skull and Crossed bones on top and on the sides, the helmet reads - DARE DEVILS back to front. Still not sure what regiment or battalion this might have belonged too.

Sniper helmet cover / veil

Rare helmet cover used as face veil. Probably purpose sniping or stalking. Still doing research on this!

Veil can be binded together in front and back to hide the shape of the head / face.

Oil cloth helmet cover

Early MK2 helmet with Canadian 2 tone rain / gas cover

The helmet has the name Matthew written on the inside.

The Winter Camouflage snow cover

Seldom seen, an original factory winter camouflage helmet cover for the MK2 helmet. This cover has schrunken a bit and fits only just.

As you can see, the camouflage works so well, that the camera cant tell the difference between the back ground any more. :)

The MKI, MKI* & MKII Helmets

From standards to a wide variety of odd balls

Subtile camouflage visible on the outside

This netted helmet was left behind in 'S hertogenbosch and was part of a Welsh Division Field Ambulance unit

Scrimmed camouflaged helmet

Helmet with field shell dressing left behind in Weert, Holland

British MKII helmet with original applied Canadian 2 tone netting

Battle damaged MKII with 2 tone vehicle netting applied with leather shoe lace.

This netted helmet was left behind in fabulous untouched condition in Meijel, Holland

Early netting, woven.

Helmet left behind in Meijel, between Meijel and Heusden. Name of the soldier written in the dome of the helmet but unfortunately due to turning of the helmet liner unreadable.

Canadian helmet with typical Canadian camouflage netting in 2 tone.

British MK2 helmet as used in North Africa and the Italian Campaign. Untouched and in the condition I love them.

Tan painted inside, not seen that often.

Very neatly applied scrim camo on what appears to be a fishing net of some sort. Not standard issue.

Helmet left behind in Panningen, Holland with remains of a flash.

Early MK1* with a two tone scarf netting applied.

Rough texture camouflage on in and outside. Helmet was left behind in Wessem and remained untouched. The helmet has markings of a transport unit of the Royal Army Serivce Corps and belonging to the British 7th Armoured Division

Very nice 2 tone camouflage helmet with a swirl like pattern.

Helmet with early type vehicle netting applied with appears to be a iron ring out of a visor.

Rough netted helmet with burlap top, not a full cover. Looks field applied, not the NZ types on the marked at the moment.

WW1 MK1 helmet with liner, near untouched condition. With special thanks to Chris Sadler.

Early MK1* with large field dressing.

3 tone camouflaged helmet with a hand-painted pattern. Unsure of usage of this one .

Rough pattern helmet in and outside.

Olive coloured MK2 helmet in super nice condition

The MKIII 'Turtle' Helmet

MK3 helmet in the early green color fitted with a tan net with black scrim.

Original applied winter camouflaged helmet left behind in the Betuwe area in the Netherlands

White painted inside, very rare !

Earlier model MK3 in light green color. Helmet found in Sittard, Holland

Full scrim filled netting on a darker (light) green MKIII helmet. The helmet has a slightly worn 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division formation flash on the side that is left open through the net. Very rare combination !

Despatch Rider's helmets

The British motorist helmet.

Early 1942 dated 'Fibre Rim' Despatch rinder helmet.
Apart from some moth damage to the white felt, near mint condition helmet.

Near mint 2nd model early 1942 dated Despach rider helmet

1945 dated near mint despatch helmet with yellow glassed motor cyclist goggles.

The Royal Armoured Corps helmet

Mid war, green colored helmet left behind in Schalkhaar, Holland together with a canadian RCAMC helmet that is now with an other collector.

rare netted - mid war helmet. Very rare find !

2 tone camouflaged helmet left behind in Nijmegen, Holland

Late war RAC helmet with a lift the dot liner with quick release chinstrap

Late war netted helmet

Early chocolate brown helmet left behind in Best, Holland.

Late war dark black grey helmet with 'lift the dot' liner.

Airborne helmets

Although not directly 51st Highland related, it kinda still is.

Early first pattern BMB, 1942 dated MKI 'Fibre Rim' HSAT [ Helmet Steel Airborne Troops ] with netting, yellow sorbo and stitched leather chinstraps.

First pattern BMB, 1942 dated 'Fibre Rim' HSAT with a yellow sorbo liner padding and riveted leather chinstraps.

Second Pattern MK1 HSAT helmet made by G&S in 1943. Liner with black felt and riveted leather chinstraps.

Mid war MK2 airborne helmet. 1943 dated with black sorbo and webbing chinstraps.

Late war MK2 airborne helmet with a 1944 dated, yellow sorbo liner.