Terms of Condition

What do I need to know... ?

  • All products sold are authentic WW2 unless otherwise described. Only buy if you feel comfortable with the item. Both BUYER and SELLER are responsible for knowledge of the item. I as a seller try to do everything within my knowledge and power to describe and photograph the item as best as I can. If you have doubts, don't buy it... If your friends have doubt's, don't buy it... if your friends at the gym have doubts... maybe you should buy it and if your girlfriend has doubts... you should buy it for sure.  This being said, there will be no refunding or taking back because some 12 year old anonymous keyboard warrior on some forum has an opinion or any other reasons ! This is a private sale between 2 collectors.
  • Feel free to point out to me when I have an item listed that is not authentic or incorrectly listed.  I'm open to comments and information. We all learn everyday and i try to keep doing that.
  • All period items are approx 75 years of age, one can expect items to be worn, smell or damaged do to storage, moth or other influences over the years.
  • It is possible to buy several items and we can discuss a combined price for that.
  • All sales are done through PayPal friend or bank transfer.
  • All packages will be send registered, tracked AND ensured. Also those of low amount. I have lost to many packages in the foreign mail and refunded to many in the past and I'm done with that.
  • All items will be carefully wrapped, packed and shipped out a.s.a.p. However, all shipping is at buyers own risk. Local pickup is also an option.
  • Mannequins will not be shipped, local pick-up only. 
  • Deactivated Weapons are only sold to people of 18+. I require a copy of your ID to confirm!
  • As I'm located in the Netherlands, postal cost may vary to ship overseas. Please take this into a count.
  • This is not my work and there for have not the 24 hour service. I try to ship twice a week and send you the tracking code the same day.
  • Additional photos of an object are not an issue, please ask.
  • Lay-A-Way proposals are an option with a 25% non refundable down payment. 
  • When a trade proposition is made I expect full honesty of the trading party as well.

Wow, you where very direct there !

That is correct, I had my share over the years and i believe its only fair to communicate open and correct with my fellow collectors. Everyone with a decent amount or working brain cell's will agree with me on that. 

Questions ?

  • Why do you post only one photo of some items ? "Good Questions ! 2 Reasons, First keep the website fast en clear to use and reason two to keep storage to a minimum. If you need more photos of any given object, please ask. "
  • Some items are rather cheap, why is that ? "because I had some luck with some items when I bought them, or I have no clue about the current value or I just want it to go... anything goes :D "
  • Some items are rather expensive, why is that ? "This may have many reasons, because I paid that much in the first place, I'm not that ready to part with or I was wrongly informed about its value. There is always room for negotiation as long as we remain civilized and fair.
  • Why is there no web-shop of shopping basket ? " Because then I draw the intention that this is a web-shop which is not. It is a platform where I show what I have in my personal collection and willing to part with and for what price I'm willing to part with it."
  • I can buy an item you have for sale by an other different seller for less, can i get it for the same price here ?  "Thank you for asking, please by it elsewhere."
  • Can we find you on shows and events ? "No, maybe a few local events but I will not be having stands at local events for any time soon."

Now you know... If anything else comes to mind
Please contact me. Thank you